Burger Hütte ︎

this is the original logo by Burger Hütte.

starting the AI assisted redesign, I use a tool called DiffusionBee which uses stable diffusion to generate prompt based imagery.

I used the promt
vector illustration logo, Burger logo, burger emblem, logo, 2D logo, centered logo, stylish logo, company logo, Burger Company logo, colorful logo
to generate the following results:

I chose this generated image as my base for the project.

in the next step I searched for key elements that I wanted to include in the logo redesign:

next up I placed the key elements into my scene and continued in ProCreate:

these are the results of this AI assisted rebranding:

in the end there was actually no aspect of generated AI content left but still it gave the project a general direction and was a great guide in the beginning.

Project started: 2023/03/16 - 8:31 pm
Project finished: 2023/03/16 - 11:45 pm

total time elapsed: 3 hours and 14 minutes